Posted by: rlukei | May 25, 2010

Dining on Catfish – Still


As of May 24, Azalea is still dining on catfish in the ponds east of Plymouth, NC. Again she has limited her travels to the area containing the catfish ponds. However, she did do something different. For the first time she spent a night – May 18 – out of the communal roost. She stayed on the edge of the woods just west on the farm building complex of the Tidewater Research Station. Also for the past three days, May 22, 23 and 24 she has been exploring the southeast corner of this 500 or so acres which is all grazing land for cattle. That is where she is at the time of this satellite map May 24 at 10:00am.

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If she keeps this up her chicks (when she finally has them) will have WHISKERS!!

thanks for the info! any chance of getting the star back for her report location? glad she is thriving

our miss diva is something else, i agree with carole,when she has chicks they will be fat and have whiskers like she is something,i do wish someone could get a picture.we can only hope she may come home for a visit,cause i know people are waiting.

good to hear, she’s going to be her little loner self again. i hope she’s getting bigger and bigger so she can start another cycle of eagle life!! thanks for always looking out for our girl!!

Maybe she is growing tired of the catfish and wants to try some thing from dry land πŸ™‚