Posted by: rlukei | June 18, 2010

Azalea off the Catfish Farm


Azalea has not gone far off the catfish farms, but as of 9:00am June 17 she was just east of W. Mill Pond Road, south of Route 64 and north of Gourd Neck Rd, or less than a  mile east of the catfish ponds. She has not wandered far. The rest of the time since June 14 she has roamed about the catfish ponds and the Tidewater Research Station. At midnight June 14, 15, 16 she was in the communal roost.

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Thanks Reese. She may not move about a lot but I think she must be happy at the carfish farm. One good thing – it seems she is safe there.
Maybe you should try and sneak up on her again – she might surprise you this time abd be there.
Thanks for everything you do for us.

You have referred to a communal roost many times, Mr. Lukei. Is it just as it sounds. A roost where many eagles are? Or is it where many birds stay. Thank you so much for all the work you do.

Tena – A “communal” roost is a place where several eagles gather to spend the night. These roost’s occur at locations where food is plentiful and tension between the eagles is minimal. As in this case, the communal roost is in a wooded area.

About how far from the Garden are the catfish farms where she hangs out?

Vickie – The catfish ponds near Plymouth, NC that Azalea is visiting are about 100 miles south of Norfolk Botanical Garden.

So the teaser, i’ll bet she comes back there. it’s like home to her and she has her friends to hang out with. It’s nice to hear about what she’s doing, thanks again reese.