Posted by: rlukei | June 29, 2010

Camellia has Flown 54 Miles

Camellia map 062810

Since fledging from his nest Camellia (NC) has flown 88 kilometers or about 54 miles. The satellite transmitter is still not sending all the data we expect it to, like GPS data points. It is recording distance traveled. As a result, we do not have data to prepare a more detailed map than that on the Wildlife Tracking web site map above.

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Reese, can you expect the problem with Camellia’s transmitter to ever be corrected?

Dollyrag – At this point we don’t know. The manufacturer is aware of the situation. The battery does not seem to be getting a full charge. All these transmitters are tested before being sent to CCB, so worked OK then. A bit more time will tell. Forecast is for several days of full sun and Camellia is soaring more now, so we should know soon.