Posted by: rlukei | July 2, 2010

Camellia on the Move West

Camellia map 070110

Camellia appears to be on the move westward. At about 4pm yesterday, July 1, the satellite map at shows that Camellia is near the boundry of Suffolk and Isle of Wight County close to Chuckatuck Creek. We are still hopeful that we will get more detailed data.

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NC- fly high, free and safely. Ride the thermals baby and let them send you to NC to meet your big sister AZ at the catfish farm. JK – Reese.

Be safe please Cammy and Gods speed


Heading to the catfish pond??? Dang, going to miss these guys – but not quite as much as last year’s trio!! Thanks for all you do, Reese & Libby!

That’s good to see. I was worried that the GPS points weren’t being sent from Camellia. Hope that Wildlife Tracking sends them to you soon.