Posted by: rlukei | July 7, 2010

Camellia Transmitter Finally Working!!


The sun has finally done its job – powered up the satellite transmitter that Camellia is wearing on his back. You will notice something different about this map other than the blue data points and that is date and time. Note that the time is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) so you need to subtract 4 hours – time shown as 1000 is 6:00am – time shown as 2300 is 1900 or 7:00pm. If you are or have been in the military it will an easy conversion, if not it may take some practice.

The GPS began sending data points July 3 about 2300 (7:00pm), and this map goes to 6:00am today July 7. Another thing to note, is the map is in 2D (2 dimension), so you can’t tell if the data point (blue dot) has Camellia soaring or sitting. There is also an error factor of about 60 feet or so – not bad when you consider the satellite is about 100 miles up in the sky. If you click on the map it will enlarge and be easier to read. The data points are each hour, so Camellia could wander about between times and we would not know where he had traveled.

So at 6:00am this morning, Camellia was across Lake Whitehurst near Shore Drive and Hewitt Drive He spent last night not far from the NBG Butterfly House and the night before at “the dump”. The two nights before that about 100 yards south of the nest tree. He soared above the Norfolk Airport passenger terminal and the Little Creek Naval Amphib Base. With the date and time, you can see where he was the rest of the time.

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It great to see in detail where he has been flying! Thanks Reese and Libby!

Thanks Reese!! This is great – just wish Camellia would saty as far away from the airport as possible…..makes me nervous.

That’s very exciting, and very interesting to follow his travels. But now i see we have to worry about them flying too close to that runway and the big sky birds taking off and landing from there….

WOW! This is really great to see. Glad that the transmitter is working as it should.

thats for the up date. our boy needs to stay away from the airport,but we know camellia likes to check things out.maybe he is thinking if i could caught a ride on that big bird,i could see
thats again for the up dates,guess our boys are on their way.god be with you.