Posted by: rlukei | July 12, 2010

Camellia Remains at NBG

20100710camNBG Eagles Camellia July-3

Camellia’s satellite transmitter is sending signals most of the time now. There were a few time on July 9 when it did not. Since our last map at 6:00am July 7, Camellia has stayed close to Norfolk Botanical Garden, but has spent a lot of time at the north end of the Norfolk Airport runway. Several times now in the morning he has visited private property near Hewitt Dr and Shore Dr. At midnight on July 8 and 10 he was near the nest tree. No data for night location on July 9. Camellia has not spent much time at “the dump” but does visit there. Camellia sat on the “love branch” of the nest tree on July 7, 8, and 9 as in photo attached from camera at NBG. As of this map at July 10 at 5:00pm, Camellia was sitting at the very north end of the runway near the fence and a small white building.

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You would think the noise of the planes would keep him from being so close to the runway. I pray he won’t be in harms way.

I, also, would feel better if he’d get out of that habit of hanging around the airport!! Kids!! they pick the darndest places to hang out!

Mom and Dad need to warn Camellia about hanging out at the airport. I pray he stays safe and decides to hang out somewhere else very soon.

I wonder what the attraction is at the airport for Camellia?

now everyone knows the noise from the airport does not trouble him,he has heard it since birth or even before,im like everyone else,he does need to get away from the airport, all we can do is pray that he does.wish he could find the catfish ponds like his older sister,she really needs to come and get god bless boy. thanks for the up dates,as before a wonderful job.