Posted by: rlukei | July 15, 2010

Camellia Leaves NBG July 13


Well the next major phase of the life of Camellia has begun. He has now left home and is now on his own. After spending the morning of July 13 near the nest tree, about 11:00am he took off and headed west over Ocean View in Norfolk, to Craney Island in Portsmouth, then turned north across Smithfield in Isle of Wight County, following the western bank of the James River across Chippokes Plantation, across the James River and over Williamsburg, then a turn to the east and across I-64 where it crosses Queens Creek, and as of this map was over Queens Creek on US Military property at Camp Peary. All that without any apparent stops. But since that is where the data ended for this map we won’t know Camellia’s ultimate destination until we get the next map.

Prior to that first long journey of many more in his future, Camellia just stayed around the Norfolk Botanical Garden and the end of the Norfolk Airport runway. At midnight July 10 and 13 he was near the nest tree and July 11 and 12 at “the dump”.

Have a safe journey Camellia. Keep in touch.

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please be safe in your travels NC

maybe he will visit Azalea at the catfish ponds :0)

NC, I wish you lots of fair winds, and juicy fish…God speed as well…:+)

handsome boy,please be safe in your travels.hope you the best.caught up with your sister please,i would feel better if i know you was with her,but we know you have a mind of your own .god bless cam

Cammy, fly far and safe.
Hope your brothers are following you.

Have a safe trip Camellia. I miss watching you on the cam and hope you will come back to us soon. Godspeed.