Posted by: rlukei | July 20, 2010

Azalea at Catfish Ponds During Visit July 15


Well, Azalea was at the catfish pond area during my visit on July 15, however, she never sat in either of the trees that I posted photos of with all the other eagles. While I was there she was sitting in trees along the south edge of the cleared fields. During the period of this satellite map she visited the woods along Gourd Neck Rd to the east of the catfish ponds and spent three nights there. She spent three other nights in the communal roost and that is where she was at 1:00am this morning July 20. She made short day trips on July 16, 18 and 19 to another smaller catfish pond near Roper, VA and north of Route 64.

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How frustrating that you missed her. (Hopefully she wasn’t watching you from a tree and laughing!) Do the owners of the Catfish ponds get annoyed at all the Eagles that are there? Just curious. Also, did you happen to notice any other birds of prey while you were there such as Hawks, etc?

MCB – The only other raptor I observed there was an Osprey that caught a fish. There were more than 50 Turkey Vultures, so I had to be careful not to count them as eagles.

our girl is something else,i bet she was watching and having a good we all love her very much,mayb she will come back to see us again,are she mayb waiting for her brother.

Reese, Do you know if ND and NE are still at NBG?

Lucy – As far as we know both ND and NE left NBG before Camellia. Neither have been seen for over two weeks.