Posted by: rlukei | August 2, 2010

Camellia in Surry County July 31


Camellia has been on the move again, this time moving southward into Surry County. On our last satellite map, at 6am July 28, Camellia was on the Piankatank River in Middlesex County. He left there about 10am July 28 flying southwest to York River State Park in James City County. From there he continued to Little Creek Reservoir southwest of Toano, VA, where he spent the night. Camellia’s older sister Azalea has also been to Little Creek Reservoir. He left here about 10am July 29 and paused briefly at the Chickahominy River then continued to the James River crossing into Surry County at Claremont, VA. at 1:00pm. Camellia stayed in this area for the rest of the day and overnight. At 1pm July 31, he moved southeast a few miles along the shore past Sunken Meadow Creek to a small residential area named Guilford Heights, where he remained overnight and was still there at 8:00am July 31, the time of this satellite map. (To find Guilford Heights look up Claremont, VA on MapQuest and zoom in close)

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Be safe NC …please !!! Keep an eye out for your sister lol she is looking for you so she can take you to the catfish ponds.

Reese thank you so much for keeping us informed on our 2 beautiful Eagles. I have learned so much from you and it is greatly appreciated . You are a treasure too 🙂

Thanks Reese for keeping us updated on Camellia and Azalea’s travels!!

im like everyone else,thanks reese for everything you do for us all,keeping us in touch with our girl and boy.hope azalea finds him and takes him right to the catfish pond,he will never thanks again

Thank you, Reese, for updating us on Cammy and Azaela. I do hope they find each other. I think this is so amazing!! Stay safe little ones!!!

So nice to read the updates on Azalea and Camellia. Reese, thank you for easing our minds and keeping us up to date. Your love for these birds warms my heart, you are a very special person…thank you!

Azalea and Cammellia…so close and yet so far apart. Thanks for updating us. Its amazing that Azalea has gone back in that direction. Fascinating birds.

Yesterday there was a single juvenile eagle flying around the Elizabeth River between downtown Portsmouth and Waterside in Norfolk at about 7:00pm.

There are also eagles (maybe one of the same ones?) still flying in the area behind the zoo.