Posted by: rlukei | August 19, 2010

Azalea Aug 16 Resting


Not much to report about Azalea this time. She has been resting a lot. She has not left the catfish ponds since the last map on Aug 13. As of this map at 11am Aug 16 she was still in her overnight communal roost. Not much movement during the day throughout this period. Just taking it easy.

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well that show you after eating so much catfish she cann’t move. lol our girl is something else. i do wish someone could get a picture,but i guess for now she doesn’t want to go hollywood. thanks again reese for everything you do and have done,so we can keep in touch with our kids.god bless ms diva.

It really has been to darn hot to do anything !! She is a smart Diva— Diva rule # 1- do not sweat!!

Divas need their “beauty” rest Reese. It is so hot here I don’t blame her for hangin out and restin:)