Posted by: rlukei | August 19, 2010

Camellia Has Been Traveling!!!


Get out your flight goggles and fasten your seat belt, Camellia is about to take you on a journey. When we last left Camellia he was headed toward Poquoson, VA at 11am on Aug 12. Immediately after that he made a sharp left turn to the south and by 1pm had crossed Norfolk Harbor and was back in Virginia Beach, by 2pm at Back Bay, by 3pm was in Pasquotank County North Carolina just north of Elizabeth City. At 4pm Camellia arrived at the mouth of the Little River where it empties into Albemarle Sound and there he rested until 10am Aug 13. Keep those flight goggles on! From here he did a U-turn heading back north across Perquimans and Gates Counties and back into Virginia in Southampton County arriving at the small community of Delaware on Va Route 671 about 2pm. Camellia took a rest break here along the Nottoway River and the Norfolk and Southern Railway tracks until 9am Aug 14. He then continued his trip north – 11am Sussex County, noon Petersburg, 1pm Chesterfield County, 2pm west of Richmond, 3pm Goochland and Hanover Counties and at 4pm Aug 14 arrived at Lake Anna in Spotsylvania County. Lake Anna is the boundry between Louisa and Spotsylvania Counties and is the location (Louisa County side) of the Dominion Virginia Power nuclear power plant. That is where Camellia spent his first night on Lake Anna. On Aug 15 and early the 16th  he explored the southern parts of Lake Anna. The afternoon of Aug 16 and all day Aug 17 and 18 he flew around north of VA Route 208 including Lake Anna State Park. This map at 7pm Aug 18 finds Camellia just south of Route 208 in Louisa County. Hope you enjoyed the journey.

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my, he is a traveling youngster !!
thanks Reese for the narrative of his trip so far !
Understand lake anna has a nest that had 3 this year. maybe he will find friends there.
God Speed Cammy

Oh my!! Way to go Cam. What a difference in travel between him and Azalea. Wonder if this is the norm for the different genders? Guess we will find out – huh?? Do other eagles being tracked show a difference between genders in the amount of space they cover? Cam – enjoy your travels, stay safe and remember to call home.

WOW! What a trip! He is truly loving flying free! I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for posting! Enjoy your freedom Camellia! Come back soon!

This is so exciting for me Reese because I live on North Anna River bout 11 miles downstream from Camellia’s location. I think I need to get the John Deere out and start digging a pond
and stock it with catfish. Thank you for the info.Certainly appreciate all you do.

Camellia is a real traveler. If he stays put, he is only about 20 minutes away from me – very exciting. I have a contractor drawing up the plans for a catfish pond in my backyard now. HA!
I am interested to see if he ends up at Caledon state park.
Thank you, Reese, for your updates and maps. I enjoy knowing where Azalea and Camellia travel.

MVK – These 100-mile or so direct non-stop flights seem to be typical of both male and female bald eagles. We have observed Azalea doing this several times including just 10 days ago when she flew from Jamestown, Va to the catfish ponds at Plymouth, NC.

you are right rose,our cammy is a traveling youngster. for some reason i think we all know he was going to do this.i only hope he gets up with his big sister.reese,thanks for everything again.looks like so far our kids are doing fine ,both of them getting alot of traveling in.god bless cammy

I am laffin at you Bev and Pied …just no fish sticks this time LOL.
Reese thanks for keepin up with our 2 kids. NC is sure doin some flyin. I just hope they stay safe and enjoy flyin free Bless you babies and all your brothers and sisters too.

Dix loves you all ♥

Bev don’t forget to put the camera on old JD lol

He must have been catching some really good thermals. God speed Cam.

Thank-you Reese for the engaging up-date.

Ok — Lets hope Cammie knows I am coming down to look for him, in just an hour or so…. please ask him to do some soaring over me (Friday morn) so I can take pics. I’ll be on the 208 bridge (if I can be) all morning.

Enjoyed reading of Cam’s travels–maybe being born in cold weather gives him more energy. Thanks for keeping us posted, always look forward to the next chapter. It will be interesting to see how far he travels away from Norfolk.

Welcome to Lake Anna Camellia!! We have had three fledglings each year for several years now at our Lake Anna – Bumpass nest. I certainly hope they have rolled out the welcome mat for your visit.
Please feel free to hang out in my trees at any time.
Fish are plentiful in front of my house and I will be the one with binoculars watching for you. Please stay safe! Thanks Reese, for all that you do. Your work is truly appreciated!

Today I saw a young eagle on the James River shore at Camp Chanco near Surry. Could it have been Camellia? It will be interesting to see if she was near there. This was about 12:30.

OK – wish me luck again. Cammie may still be at Lake Anna, and I am trying to see him again! I’ll be at the bridge again, 208, at High Point Marina.

Good luck Mag. Camellia was still at Lake Anna as of yesterday Aug 28. Bring us back some photos. – Reese