Posted by: rlukei | August 30, 2010

Azalea On The Move Again

Azalea is traveling again. She remained at the catfish ponds east of Plymouth, NC until 10am Aug 26 when she flew a short distance north into the marshes at the west end of Albemarle Sound and just north of Mackeys, NC where she overnighted. The next morning Aug 27 she left there and flew further north across Bertie County  into Hertford County flying west of the Chowan River. Just north of Winton, NC she turned west over the Meherrin River and came to rest about 2 miles west of where the Meherrin meets the Chowan. She spent the night there and that is where this map locates her at 6am Saturday Aug 28.

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Thanks Reese as always for keeping up with our Diva. My only hope for her and Cammy is that they remain safe.
Fly safe babies 🙂

Oh AZ- did you know that the hurricanes were coming close ? Stay inland for a while.
Thanks Reese 🙂


What will the eagles do with the onslot of EARL? do they avoid – leave the area or huncker down?


A: The eagles usually just hunker down. They are designed to withstand foul weather. – Reese