Posted by: rlukei | September 7, 2010

Camellia Stays at Lake Anna Thru Sept 5

Camellia has remained at Lake Anna in Louisa and Spotsylvania Counties since the last satellite map om Aug 29 at 7pm. He has flown from one end of the lake to the other and as of this satellite map at 10am Sept 5, he was south of the Rt 208 bridge on a point of land at the end of Travis Lane in Spotsylvania County. A photo was taken of a juvenile bald eagle flying over Lake Anna about 2pm Sept 4 near the Lake Anna Marina south of the Rt 208 bridge by an eagle fan viewer MagInAlex that is almost certainly Camellia. He was flying over that part of Lake Anna at that time soaring from north of the bridge to the south. MagInAlex posted her photo on the forum on Sept 4 in the General Chat Area.

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Responses THIS is exciting! Nice sighting MaginAlex 🙂

wow ! mag has been wondering. I am so happy I got ” goose bumps”.
Now– when is AZ gonna get her little self seen ?? LOL

How wonderful for MagInAlex to see Camellia soaring overhead. I’m so glad she was in the right place at the right time – talk about a needle in a haystack!

Cam – Teaching us something new everyday huh??? Nice of you to treat MaginAlex to a wonderful treat. I wonder if you tipped your wing as you flew over??? Stay safe handsome eagle. Stay in touch!!

Thank you Reese. How great to be able to track our eagle family members.

What a terrific experience for MagInAlex to be able to watch a member of our NBG family fly free so far from home. Very fortunate!

Thinking of going again this Sunday! With you-all’s best wishes, there’s a chance we’ll see him again!! Maybe he will help me get some close-ups. Hoping hoping!!

Got my fingers crossed for you and Cam, Magin!! Be so nice if Cam settled in a new spot where someone we know can see him/her (?) occasionally.

Thanks, Reese!