Posted by: rlukei | September 10, 2010

Azalea At Rest After Long Flight

Azalea is doing just what has become typical of her after taking one of her long journeys – resting at the catfish ponds. This would have been the week to travel to the Tidewater Research Station to get her photo. She has spent every day perched in the few trees that grow there in two small groups where you can see the cluster of red data points in the middle of the map. She spent every night but one in the communal roost south of the ponds, and the last night in the Gourd Neck Rd roost to the east. As of this satellite map at noon Sept 9 she is perched in a tree near the TRS fish ponds.

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She is waiting on you Reese …and you are missing your chance. Nice weekend at the catfish pond for you ? She must be tired after that long journey …no place like the catfish farm to keep our girl happy. 🙂

She needs a vacation from her vacation!

Where do the parent eagles from the Botanical Garden spend their time between nesting seasons? Do they stay around the garden area?

Surprised there’s not a papparazzi member behind every tree!!

Hold that pose, Azalea!