Posted by: Libby Mojica | September 13, 2010

No surprises

Libby here, reporting on the movements of our two transmittered eagles. Reese is off hawkwatching this weekend at one of the great migration sites in North America, Duluth, MN.

He continues to roost and forage around Lake Anna. I’ve highlighted Lake Anna State Park in green to give a landmark.

She’s still at the fish hatchery in North Carolina. Who would have guessed this would become her favorite spot?

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awwww Libby she likes callin NC home – but her being safe keeps a smile on my face.

and Cammy being at Lake Anna is good news too. Mag is trying so hard to get a photo of him. And he is safe too:)

Hope Reese has a wonderful time . Thanks Libby for fillin in for him

thanks Libby– what fun Reese must be having

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this for us, Libby. (Great write-up and pictures of you in VIRGINIA LIVING-Oct issue-featuring your whimbrel-tracking work in conjuction with The Nature Conservancy).

Thanks Libby for the update! They both seem to have found there favorite places!

I can go this week-end (Sun?) again, so will be checking for updates. Please mark his current ‘spot’ so I might see which side of the lake he was last at! I’ve been learning the roads really good! Thanks for being our eyes!!