Posted by: rlukei | September 16, 2010

Camellia Remains at Lake Anna 9/14

Camellia has stayed close to Lake Anna since our last report. Other than one afternoon flight on Sept 9 he has remained around the lake south of Route 208. As he has been doing since arriving here one month ago on Aug 14, he has rested each night in a different location. This map is as of 1am Sept 14 and Camellia is across the lake from the Dominion Virginia Power plant in Spotsylvania County on an undeveloped piece of forest just north of Thurman Island.

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Welcome home. I’ve been curious to see the newest update. The Hawk count at Rockfish Gap reported a record 19 Bald Eagles passing on Tuesday, Sept 14. I was wondering if so many Eagles on the move would inspire Camellia to travel, also.

Can’t wait for the next update on Camellia’s travels!! The 9/14 location map for Camellia shows that he flew directly over the Bumpass eagle nest. The Bumpass nest location is near Robbies Island on the lower portion of the map. The location is in a tall pine tree on the shore near the top of the letter “d” in Robbies Island. I was not fortunate enough to be at my lake home this weekend, but I received a very excited phone call from a neighbor, saying that an immature eagle with what appeared to be an antennae, was flying in the vicinity of the Rt. 652 bridge over Coleman Creek between 6 and 6:45 pm. At this time there were also two adults in trees nearby and when the juvenile arrived and went to a tree, the adults turned their heads and stared at him. Just before dark the juvenile headed down the lake toward Robbies Island. Can this possibly be Camellia???

Sarah – what day was the neighbor call?
I went over on Sunday the 19th again. I did see a juvie hunting the waters by the dike on 622 at the public fishing area at 11:55 til 12:10, then he went into the cove to the east. Later, I saw the very white headed juvie for long periods of time/a few times (12:50 – 1:30) as I headed around on the southwest side on up to Carrs Bridge Rd.

MagInAlex – Sorry for not getting back sooner. Was out all day. I received the first excited phone call just after 6 pm, Sun., Sept. 19. And shortly thereafter a second very excited call saying “He’s Back!” He flew so low over their boat house to a nearby tree that they saw the transmitter without binocculars! Reese has confirmed that this was Camellia and I can’t wait to return to the lake!!