Posted by: rlukei | October 1, 2010

Camellia Still in King George County 9/29/10

Like Azalea, Camellia has not traveled far since our last satellite map. The difference is that Azalea went east and Camellia went west, so that they are now about 50 miles apart. Except for wandering across the Rappahannock River into Caroline County on Sept 27, Camellia has remained in King George County. On Sept 27-28 he came to within 10 miles of Fredericksburg, VA, spending the night just east of Sealston, VA (on Route 3). As of this map at 11am Sept 29, Camellia is near a farmhouse east of Dogue, VA (on Rt 692).

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How exciting to know that two eaglets from the NBG nest, both with transmitters, are so close. You know 50 miles isn’t far as the eagle flies. Wonder if they have met up and discussed coming home for the holidays??? It also makes me wonder at the possibilities the other siblings have also been as close or roost together. Without knowing for sure, I think I will continue to think of them enjoying the company of each other.

Thank you Reese for the updates and all you do for us.