Posted by: rlukei | October 25, 2010

Azalea Getting Reacquainted

Azalea is wandering all about getting reacquained with all the places she visited last fall. So she has been to Northumberland, Middlesex, Gloucester, King & Queen and Lancaster counties – Little Wicomico, Great Wicomico and Rappahannock rivers – and revisted Reedville, Burgess, Edwardsville, Kilmarnock, and  Urbanna. As of this satellite map at 1am this morning – Oct 25 – she is back at one of her most favorite places – Sydnor’s Millpond just west of Edwardsville.

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Thanks Reese
Hope she is not going to spend her life going on same path every year.
Maybe she is one who finds a safe territorry and is happy.

about an hour ago my husband was grilling a steak. on my neighbors roof was what I feel was a fledgling from last year. It flew off the roof so low I felt I should duck, but I seen white tail feathers and white under its wings. husband thinks it was a hawk, but after watching eagle cam I swear it was a fledgling. I live in the windsor woods area. what do you think?
thanks arlene

Arlene – Well since I was not there it is only a guess on my part, but most likely a juvenile red-tailed hawk that could have white on the chest, underwings and under the tail.