Posted by: rlukei | November 20, 2010

Camellia in Caroline and King George County

Well folks, learning to download the satellite map data directly from Argos in France is proving to be a significant challenge for my brain cells (can you smell the wood burning??). After about 20 attempts I finally got the data for Camellia as of Nov 18 at 6pm. He has left the King George County Landfill and flown east just off the shores of the Rappahannock River about a mile west of Millbank, VA. Camellia split his time the past 10 days between the area near the landfill and across the Rappahannock in Caroline County just north of Skinkers Corner and north of U.S. Army Fort A. P. Hill. One thing that does appear strange is that other than at 3pm on Nov 18, none of the hourly data points are actually on the Rappahannock River, meaning that what ever food he is foraging for is coming from places other than the river.

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Thanks reese- your brain is doing well.
Maybe he is hunting small game ? Or I hope not –dining on carcass of killed deer –

Probably deer carcass, watch out for the lead slug Camellia!