Posted by: rlukei | November 24, 2010

Camellia Stays Near King George Landfill

Camellia has moved about since our last map on Nov 18, but in a very narrow area around the King George County Landfill and the Powhatan Airport; places named Dogue, Hop Yard Landing, Sealston, Montague, Whites Corner and Gera. However, he moved east of there yesterday and as of this map at midnight Nov 24 he is near the Rappahannock River half-way between Port Royal and Port Conway on US Route 301 and Wilmot, VA. To be more precise Camellia is on a creek that empty’s into the Rappahannock River that is at the end of Bald Eagle Drive which goes past the Cameron Hills Golf Course off VA Route 625.

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Thanks so much to everyone who makes this site possible. We are so lucky to have this window into the lives of eagles. I enjoy the nesting and fledging, and now to have a long term look at how the birds I saw as a gleam in their parent’s eyes make a living in our world is priceless.

Bald Eagle Drive…I now know that Camellia can read…smart bird! What a choice of a place to be. Thanks Reese for keeping us updated.

That precious Camillia! Always a treat to see where he is and that he is safe. Wonder if he ever sees his siblings? Thank you for keeping us posted!!