Posted by: rlukei | December 7, 2010

Camellia Remains on Creek

Camellia has not gone anywhere for the past three days. He remains in King George County at 8:00am Dec 7, on a small creek at the end of Lothian Road near Whites Corner and Montague, VA. That location is west of US Route 3 at Purkins Corner and the intersection of Route 205. I expect that creek has a name, but I have not been able to find it. Fishing must be good there. Been there 5 days now.

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Google maps show a small road named Dogue Run Rd. near that creek. Maybe? Looks like there are a lot of damed up ponds on the creek.

Response – I see a Dogue Run Lane but that is on the opposite side of Millbank Rd (Rt 610)near Montague. I suppose it is possible because the creek looks like it connects across the highway. Lothian Rd is much closer to the creek that Camellia is using. – Reese

Can we tell by her flight paths if she’s healthy? It’s awfully cold out there.

How do they stay warm in this weather?

Hi Sarah….last Feb. Reese posted a blog which answers your question about Eagles ability to stay warm.

Thank you annsva!