Posted by: rlukei | December 29, 2010

Azalea Remains in Va Beach 12/28

Azalea has spent the Christmas holidays and the snow storm in Virginia Beach. The white data point is where she was at 5:00am Dec 22 just off Independence Blvd near Witchduck Road, and the blue data point is where she was at 5:00pm Dec 28 in Witchduck Farm/ Del Haven Gardens area. Azalea visited Lake Joyce off Shore Drive on Dec 24, and spent Christmas in the Lake Shores neighborhood off Little Creek Reservoir. She was on Shenstone Circle at midnight Dec 25 and 26 (she has stayed here before). At midnight Dec 22, 23, 24, 27 and 28 she was in the Witchduck Point area off the Western Branch of the Lynnhaven River. Azalea sat out the snow storm in Lake Shores, but late in the day when the storm was coming to an end she flew to Witchduck Farm. Sorry for the delay in this map, but there has been technical difficulties in getting the satellite data to download. The roads have been to messy to go looking for here anyway. Closeup map of the Witchduck/Pembrook area. For reference the Norfolk Airport and Norfolk Botanical Garden are in the upper left corner of main map.


I cannot believe Shelly has not found and photographed Azalea yet!