Posted by: rlukei | January 3, 2011

Azalea Near Adam Thoroughgood House Jan 3

Azalea is near the Adam Thouroughgood House in Thoroughgood section of Virginia Beach at midnight Jan 3. I am going to look for her. More details later.

Well, Azalea wins again!! I arrived at 7:45am, at the exact spot where she was at midnight, but she had already flown the scene. I took a chance that she might return to Witchduck, where she was on Jan 2 and where she has spent several nights lately. Also, photographer Jim Deal got a look at Azalea there yesterday. As I arrived, a juvenile was being chased away by two adults. Was it Azalea? I don’t know. The juvie did not return. All was not lost, however. The two adults put on a flying spectactular for the next 30 minutes, dipping, diving and screaming. On New Years day, Jim Deal and I located a new eagle nest just a short distance from there. It is likely those two eagles that were putting on the show.

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Do you have a date when the Eagle Cam will start?

Reply – Gayle – An exact date has not yet been determined. We are fine tuning the system. Expect to go live sometime mid-January so we can all view the final nest building activity, and of course, egg laying.

Reese, sorry you didn’t WIN! But, any day now, I expect you to casually write that Azalea is sitting in one of your many trees in your front or back yard. It’s possible, you know.
Did Jim or anyone get pics?

I bet that was an exciting show to watch! I’m sorry you couldn’t tell if the juvie was Azalea. Hopefully she will stay in our area long enough to get a picture of her. Its also exciting to know that there is a new eagle nest in the area! So glad to see these birds making a comeback!

Nancy, I went to where Azalea was hanging out for a couple of days after having lunch on Sunday. I did not have my camera equipment with me. Yea I know, dumb error on my part. When we got there, there was a Juvi in the tree and it took off. I got a good view of the bird and could see the GPS pack on her. She landed back in the tree. I was able to walk up to the trunk of the tree and get a very good look at her. The GPS pack is still planted square on her back. It is in excellent shape. Other than being wet, her feathers are in excellent shape. Did not see any broken feathers. She looks the same as the day she left the Norfolk area. After my initial assessment I went home and grabbed my equipment and returned. She was still in the area. As I walked up to try and get a photo of her, she spooked and flew off before I could get a shot. I have been looking for her every day since, but it looks as if she may have moved to another location.