Posted by: rlukei | January 19, 2011

Photos of Azalea Jan 19

Early this morning Jan 19, Azalea was perched in a dead tree in a yard on Zamani Ct at the end of Richardson Rd in Witchduck section of Virginia Beach. This is the same dead tree that Jim Deal and Marianne saw Azalea about two weeks ago. It was just beginning to get light, it was foggy and I was 200 feet from Azalea. She flew about 10 seconds after I spotted her, but I was able to get these two photos. In photo 1 the antenna is just barely visible.


This is really neat!!! So glad you got photos of her – she looks really good and you can really see that transmitter. Way to go, Mr. Lukei!!!


So exciting that you finally found her! Congratulations. 🙂

This is GREAT Reese. So glad you are the one to find her and get pictures. After all you have done couldnt ask for better. Congratulations!!!

Congratulations! Great pictures.

I’m glad you finally caught up with her! It’s great seeing her.

This is just so exciting, Reese!! Thanks for being patient in following our eagles.

This is so exciting! Thanks for the pics!!

Congrats Reese!!! Way to go!

YES! Reese the Man!!!!

WOW! It is wonderful to see Azalea.
She has been such a phantom ~ good for you for finally catching her.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

I am so tickled to see these pictures! Mr. Lukei, it must be satisfying to get a picture of her at last! She has been very elusive. : ) Great work!

Reese, so happy you were the one to get the first photos of our allusive diva Azalea!!! How did she look to you? So glad we finally have a photo of her. Congrats Reese!!!!

YAY! Glad you finally saw her Reese! I’m sure that made your day! Great pictures too!

Thank God it’s over!!!

OMG, Reese, you got the picture(s) we have all been waiting for! I am so proud to know you and Azalea, too!!
So fitting, so perfect, so FANTASTIC! So Reese!

WOW !!! Congratulations!!!! Our Azalea has been seen and appears well. Reese, I bet that moment you saw her your heart start beating a little faster 🙂

Reese, so awesome to see her! You must be sooo ecstatic! Now, how about recapturing her and attaching a new attenae…need to be thinking about that!!!!! Best regards to you!!~! Merri

Way to go, Reese! She is so hard to pick out among the branches, but you DID it!

There’s no one more deserving to get these pics than you! I am so excited for you. It’s been a long journey tracking her and I’m glad your dedication paid off!

YEA!! so glad to finally see her after all this time. Grateful it was you to see her first :o)

You win!

Terrific news Reese. Thank you so much for finding one of our NBG young ones, and posting a pic that is decent!!!
We are pleased indeed!
Lets do it again!


Wow, the first photos of Azelea since she left. She comes home, how wonderful and exciting that after all this time, we get to see her again. Thanks for posting these. She’s the bomb.

wow, Reese, congratulations! So thrilled that not only did you see Miss Azalea but you also got a decent picture of her!