Posted by: rlukei | January 21, 2011

Azalea in Currituck County, NC Jan 21

Azalea left Virginia Beach at 10:00am this morning flying due south to Currituck County, NC. At 5:00pm she was between Currituck and Maple along Rt168. Creature of habit.


Glad you got to see her before she headed back home to NC. Guess she is missing her catfish

Thank you so much Reese

Well, at least I don’t have to go out AZ hunting this morning! And at least she gave you the courtesy of getting her pic first before leaving!!

Looks like both eagles are heading south. Guess they are hoping for warmer weather. Thrilled to see the pictures of Azalea before she left. I’m sure it was a thrill for you to see her. I do appreciate your work in keeping us up to date on their whereabouts and look forward to another successful season on nest watching.