Posted by: rlukei | January 25, 2011

Azalea Returns to Alligator River NWR

So, one of the big questions has now been answered. Would Azalea return to the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge where she spent a significant part of January 2010? She has!! About 10:00am Jan 21 Azalea, after spending a month in Virginia Beach, headed south and re-entered North Carolina in Currituck County. She spent the night near Coinjock, NC at the north end of the North River. Azalea flew around that area until 11:00am Jan 22 then crossed into Camden County and soared across Albemarle Sound directly to Alligator River NWR in Dare County. At midnight Jan 23 she was at Sawyer Lake then spent all day Jan 23 flying about the farm fields south of Highway 64. At the time of this satellite data map, midnight Jan 24, Azalea was back in what is suspected to be a communal roost in the South Lake area.


thank you Reese! 🙂

So glad she’s back with her friends.

Thanks a bunch, Reese. Dad says, “Hi!”

Susie – Tell Dad “Hi” for me. Long time no see. – Reese

She seems to have found here home.
Thanks Reese…

Thanks so much Reese! Is South Lake by the catfish farm where she was last Winter and Spring?

Response – No, South Lake is in Alligator River NWR in Dare County. The catfish farm is near Plymouth in Washington County.