Posted by: rlukei | January 25, 2011

Camellia in Virginia Beach/Norfolk

Camellia has been traveling – back to Virginia Beach and Norfolk. On Jan 21 Camellia was near West Point, VA and spent most of the day Jan 22 flying about the Pamunkey River, but later moved further south to Hampton, Va and stayed overnight at the Benjamin Syms Middle School off Fox Hill Rd (Rt 169). Jan 23 Camellia crossed Hampton Roads Harbor entering Norfolk at Ocean View. He flew right to Stumpy Lake in Virginia Beach, then on to Avalon Terrace on the Elizabeth River and overnighted just east of I-64. As of this map at 9:00am Jan 24, Camellia was on the Norfolk side of the Elizabeth River in Wayside Park off Military Highway.


Wow, he took the scenic route to Norfolk and has landed at my dentist’s office (almost)!
I think the NC territory is next on the flight plan!

I guess now everyone will be looking for the Camellia picture!! Good luck!

So very exciting that Camellia is back in that area. Wish Azalea had waited just a few days more before heading south — they might have had a reunion.
Hopefully Camellia will see his parents for a bit before ‘home’ becomes a no fly zone.

Thanks Reese.

Is it possible that Camellia was flying around the Pamunkey River near the Williams Boat Landing last weekend? (near Tunstall) By the time I got my binoculars, he was gone, but a younger eagle was flying near the nesting area of a pair of eagles, as if checking things out.
Response – Judy, I cannot locate Tunstall nor Williams Boat Landing. Camellia was near the Pamunkey on Sat Jan 22 in the morning and until about 1pm, then flew south to Hampton.

Thanks. The location is in New Kent County along the Pamunkey River. Was just curious about the timeframe. Really appreciate all the info you provide to us!